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Why use micellar water?

Somewhere between toner and cleanser, micellar water is a magical potion that completely removes makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin without stripping your complexion - the water is a serious game changer. It's also great for travel when you don't have access to your full toiletry bag. But how does it work? 

It all comes down to little molecules called micelles. Micelles are nano-sized, single-layer fatty bubbles and they are able to absorb other fats such as sebum and oils inside.

You simply pour a little product on a cotton pad, then wipe your skin clean — and it feels delightfully refreshing! For stronger skin-purifying benefits, some micellar waters contain a light surfactant to break down makeup to make the micelles' job easier. 

Where to place micellar water in your skin care routine?

I love to use it for double-cleansing in the morning, approximately 30 minutes before using doing my daily make-up routine. You might still need a separate eye makeup remover, for the waterproof kind.

Micellar Water the ultimate cleanser

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