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The "getting ready" phase is very important. This means at least 1 month before to visit a beautician, peeling and skin preparation are a must so that your skin shines on wedding day and looks well rested.

The "getting ready" program tips:

  • regular facial care (no deep cleaning 4 weeks before the wedding because the skin needs time to recover) and don't forget neck + décolleté
  • drink plenty of water
  • Eyebrow shaping (2 days before the wedding)
  • lip scrub (1-2 days before)

So first we do a gentle facial after that we use a tonic for the astringent effect. I use the beAikon Cosmetic Line – I also use it on my own sensitive skin. After the skin care we cover up all the minor flaws, redness and eye wrinkles with a corrector, followed with the right foundation. For the brides I'm using, if the skin is not too oily, a foundation with a "Glow" to keep the freshness all day long.


Very often after applying the concealer, I use the little magical sponge, the Beauty Blender with the "Baking technique". This technique is used for highlighting and to ensure that your concealer doesn’t move out of place, as well as help it remain crease-free throughout the day.


For bridal make up I'm always careful to not apply to much, personally I put cheekbones in focus. Rouge: in my opinion essential for bride make up - I prefer matte apricot tones or not to flash pink.

Important points in eye make up:

  • eyeshadow base
  • lighter eye shadow on the brow bone and the inner eye angle
  • eyebrows!
  • false lashes

The cherry on cream is the perfect lipstick. Shiny lipstick and lip gloss make thin lips look fuller, but for a bridal make up the only important thing is that it holds for hours. 

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